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2019, Vol. 1


  • Tax-Free Giving with Your IRA
  • Test Your Will IQ
  • Motivated to Give
  • Tax Law Change Reminder

2018, Vol. 4


  • Prime Time for Planning
  • Tax-Wise Strategies for Making Your Year-End Gifts
  • We're All in This Together
  • You Never Need to Change Your Will or Trust Unless...

2018, Vol. 3


  • An Unexpected Source for Charitable Gifts
  • Test Your Knowledge About Beneficiary Designations
  • A History of Commitment and Activism
  • Support Population Connection with Your IRA

2018, Vol. 2


  • How to Give and Receive More Than You Thought Possible
  • The Advantages of a Gift Annuity
  • Giving to Build a Sustainable Future
  • Making a Case for Gift Annuities

2018, Vol. 1


  • The Impact of the New Tax Law
  • Keep Your Plans up to Date
  • A Steadfast Advocate for Population Connection
  • Giving to Population Connection from Your IRA